From Sweden to America...

Bounty Models is a Swedish modeling agency with an office at Whitley Court in Hollywood. We fly in international fashion models who have worked in markets such as Paris, Milan, London or New York. 

Our approach is quite different to many of the other agencies in LA. More editorial, more selective and more conservative. Book and experience is more important to us than how many followers you have on instagram. We want clients and photographers to know that when they book a model from Bounty they can expect a professional model, a model with a good attitude who knows how to move in front of the camera. This is why clients who have booked models from us keep coming back.
We only take on a few very carefully selected models and we try to avoid competition within the agency by not having too many girls in town at the same time. 

We are currently looking for one more agent to join our team. Send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] if you want to work for Bounty Models.